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and we could use some help with those pet odor problems

One of the most difficult challenges is dealing with urine odor and stains. Our tip in this issue is regarding pet urine odor. Obviously, one can always hire a carpet cleaner which is not a bad idea if it happens once in a blue moon. What if it happens often? That could be expensive.

The following instructions are what I tell my clients to do if they have to deal with pet urine odor.

1.  Get yourself a bottle of a pet urine deodorizing product (a quart or a gallon) such as Nature's Miracle,
Simple Solutions, Ikky Poo, etc. Generally, normal carpet stain removers will not remove the odor.

2.  Pour some of it in a spray bottle so it can be applied easily.

3.  If the urine is fresh, remove as much as you can by absorbing it with a towel and then absorb more with paper towels.

4.  Apply a good amount of the deodorizer to the area. Let it sit there for 15 to 20 minutes.
This step will remove some of the odor and possibly some of the stain.

5.  Absorb as much as you can with a towel and paper towels.

6.  Now saturate the area with enough deodorizer to keep it wet for 24 hours. You may have to repeat this step.

7. Then blot it up again with towels and paper towels.

*If you have a home carpet cleaning machine use it after Step 3. If you use it before Step 3, you may push or spread some of the urine further into the carpet. Use it after Step 5 and absorb the area with towels and paper towels.

I wish you the best of luck!

Article wriitten by Elliot Atlas for the August 2009 Atlas Online Newsletter

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