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Are We Eco Friendly?

How Atlas Window & Carpet chooses their carpet cleaning products.

Many people want to use products that are eco friendly. We get people calling asking if we use such products. Elliot has been cleaning carpets for many years now. He is a sensitive guy. When he first started cleaning carpets he tried out different products knowing that he would be working with them constantly over the years. It was very important for him to find products that were not harmful. If you are conscience of your health, as Elliot is, you want something that is gentle to humans, such as himself, along with pets, kids & babies too. He has chosen to use cleaning products that he feels work best for him and his clients. They are gentle yet effective.

Testing for the best products sometimes involved the simple sniff test. Some products with strong scents are just not what you want to be inhaling all day long. You can tell by the smell. Some things are so strong you can taste them or you can feel them in your throat or they give you a headache. After much trial and error Elliot found a company that created it's own products. The creator had cleaned carpets for many years. He made formulas that clean effectively and  safely. Elliot still uses these products and after using them in many homes over the years, he gladly stands by them...

Are they certified green? No. You must remember certification is new and there are different standards applied to each certification, depending on the company offering it. All cost money. Therefore our source for cleaning products, being a small scale company, decided to stay clear of that expense and just make an honest product with consumers in mind.

We stand by our cleaning method and products. Since 2001, Elliot has been using these particular products (the pre-spray and general spotter) and has not had one complaint. Again, keep in mind, that Elliot has to breath in this stuff all day so he wants to be real careful. On top of that, as a high quality carpet cleaner, he wants to be able to remove as much soil, spots and stains as possible using the best cleaning method and products.

If you have special needs, beyond the norm, we can use a Green Certified Product. It's called Procyon. It is something we use but not exclusively. There are a few companies in Marin which use and market this product as Green Certified. Elliot has been using this product for 15 or more years because of its safety, well before Going Green was even popular. The issue that Elliot had with Procyon was that it was good, not great. At spotting strength, it would handle only about 75% of the spots. Many of you may have used this spotter. We've given it out as a sample spotter over the years. Even one of the suppliers of Procyon agrees that it's good yet not great.