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Three Common Carpet Cleaning Glitches

 The following glitches can happen with any carpet cleaning company.

We wish we could claim we haven't encountered these problems, yet we can't always escape them.

1. Stains that return
We do try our best to prevent them. We add an additive to our rinse solution to help prevent this. It usually happens because of a liquid spill that rises up to the surface as the carpet dries OR some type of strong residue. Returned stains can be treated with "STRIP"--a product we give to our carpet cleaning clients in the Carpet Confidence Kit. They usually disappear.
2. Browning or Yellowing
Like above, we add an additive to our rinse solution to help prevent this. This can happen in areas that don't sufficiently dry fast enough, especially wool carpets. If you don't know what it is, it might freak you out. Browning can be treated with "STRIP".

 3. Footprints, Smudges, Drips
These types of glitches are very difficult to escape. You see, every time we step off a wet carpet onto a floor, the potential for a footprint or a smudge to happen is there. Smudges can happen where the edge of a wall to wall rug meets the floor OR around the perimeter of an area rug (even after making a sincere effort of wiping those areas down). We tell our clients that a quick mopping will remedy this situation.

Drips can easily happen because the equipment is constantly running water through it and just carrying the equipment around the house is potentially problematic. We try our best to prevent this and wipe any drips that we see, but we may miss some.

Regarding footprints, smudges and drips, we'd appreciate you telling us about anything that upsets you so we can improve upon the glitch on your next service call.

We want to know if a glitch appears.
Please don't hesitate to call the office
if a real problem occurs.
Thank you!