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You could have 100 Carpet Cleaners come to your house
and not one of them can beat our cleaning system..


Many carpet cleaning systems out there may look like our system. Our system is known as a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system. The rest are known as portable wet cleaning systems or dry cleaning systems.

Out of 100 carpet cleaners, some will provide good to excellent quality and some will provide poor to medium quality, with a variation of rates.

 Let’s talk about rates and service. You can’t think of a bargain with a product and a bargain with a service in the same way. If you buy a product at a place like Costco, you know you are getting the same product that you can get from another store at a better price.

This isn’t true for service though. Let’s talk specifically about carpet cleaning service. If you think you are going to get a high quality job for $65.00, it is highly unlikely. For that job to be profitable, the carpet cleaner has to be there for no more than 30 minutes. If you think you are going to get this great job done on your five rooms for $100, not a chance! That company does not want to be at your house more than 30 to 40 minutes.

Now even with a quick job, your carpets will generally look improved. That most certainly does not mean that you had a great job done with total soil removal. I certainly can do any job much quicker than I normally do, and you probably wouldn’t know the difference, because there would be an improvement. That wouldn’t mean however, that you had received the best job.

You  see, in carpet cleaning, different from window cleaning, it’s easy to shortcut a job.

 My point is that we give an Honest Cleaning.

Other Systems

Forgive me for my boldness. In comparing systems, I want to start by eliminating a couple carpet cleaning systems, the dry cleaning systems and the portable wet cleaning systems. If you had the same person use one of these systems and also a high quality truck-mounted system on the same type of white carpet with the same issues (high soil levels, lots of spots, difficult stains, etc.), the truck-mounted system will always be superior. I know it, and the people who use those other systems know it.

So, what makes us different from the other  truck-mounted systems? Besides using superior cleaning agents that are safe to be around (haven’t had a complaint yet), having a system to remove or reduce most stains, using one of the most effective urine odor treatments I’ve  come across, adding a system to produce higher heat (which aids for a superior cleaning), and still owner operator, the big difference is the tools.

The Tools

It is because of these tools, that we have improved many carpet cleaning jobs that other carpet cleaning companies have already done (including the top quality companies). These tools give us an edge.  I'd like to describe these special and unique tools.

With the use of these tools, you can thoroughly clean a carpet, an area rug, and upholstery and not over-wet it! These tools are different from every other tool in the industry.

Most of the other tools have one part that shoots the pressured solution straight down into the carpet and the other part that vacuums it up. The problem is that the pressured solution can hit the bottom of the carpet and no matter how powerful a vacuum is, it’s not going to extract it all. That’s why carpets can take so long to dry! Because of this, inexperienced carpet cleaners often over-wet a carpet and experienced carpet cleaners have to deal with the fear of over-wetting a carpet.
Dealing with this fear is such a waste of energy, especially when you need to have your attention on cleaning the carpet and getting the best results you can.

Well, the tools I use solve that. The tools have the pressured solution flowing through the fibers of the carpet right into the vacuum. As the solution comes out of the wand, it makes a u-turn into the vacuum.

In other words, the cleaning solution sweeps the soil right into the vacuum! Both parts (the pressured solution and the vacuum) work simultaneously! Total Fluid Control! More Flushing Power!

These tools have been proven superior in soil removal. It’s the closest thing to laundering! Again, I can apply much more cleaning solution to your carpet for a superior cleaning without over-wetting it.  If a difficult stain or a highly soiled area needs a lot of cleaning solution and an intense heat (it’s a steam chamber) to help with it’s removal or reduction, we can do that in a way that no other carpet cleaning system or company can do!

These unique tools cost us two to three times more than the traditional tools that most carpet cleaners use.

There's a REASON we would pay more!


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